Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank you for your Word, for the entrance of your Word brings light. In Jesus' name, I covenant with to be obedient to your Word. I will believe your Word and I shall confess your Word. I say now, you are my Father and I am your child. I have world-overcoming faith because the Greater One lives in me. 

I confess the Word in every situation in my life. I speak to the problems of life and I command them to align with the Word and they obey me in Jesus' name. I see results in my life because the principles of God’s Word are applied. 

In Jesus' name, I have what the Word says. I am what the Word says I am. I have what God says I have. I am what God says I am. God has given unto me all things that pertain to life and Godliness. Therefore, there is no lack in my life. I confess abundance of health, life and strength. I have the wisdom of God.

I have the mind of Christ and the Spirit of Truth in me. He teaches all things. He guides me into all truths. I am filled with the knowledge of the Lord’s will. All wisdom and spiritual understanding are within me. In Jesus' name, I walk in the light of the Word. Jesus is in me. The mind of Christ is mine. I am led by the Spirit of God each day. In Jesus' name.